My designs are shaped by my fine arts training; a focus on composition, color and texture. I love creating designs and art for my friends, family and myself.

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My work is a collection of printings, drawings with my most recent being apps and websites. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. To see a full selection please contact here.

Solar print of girl in googles


Solar Print | 2011

Forest is a Solar Print based on my love of winter. The progress begins with a line drawing of non light permeable ink drawn on acetate. The drawing is placed over a light sensitive plate and then exposed. Once the plate is created it is inked and then pressed on paper on a printing press.

Charcoal drawing of a bench still life


Charcoal Daring | 2010

Benches was a still life with dramatic lighting. The drawing took 2 weeks to complete and was created with toned paper, charcoal and white charcoal pencil.

Lithograph print of the Arno River

Arno River

Lithograph | 2011

Arno River was based off a photograph taken by me during my time in Italy. The Lithograph was created with a plate etched in acid and then inked with oil based ink and water. Where ever the white areas are is where water repelled the oil based ink.

Nano treatment bots cancerous cells elemination concept Nano diagnostic bots concept Nano bots treatment concepts Nano bots moving up the blood stream concept


Nano-bot Medical System Concept

Med-bots is a system conept of 3 different nano bots working together to identify, eleminate and repair cells that were damaged by cancerous cells. The concept was developed with hours of interviews with medical doctors and research on the latest medical technologies.

Findr is an app concept to find your missing items


IOS App Prototype

Findr is an app prototype that saves you time and fustration with finding your everyday missing items. The app features customizable options for your items as well as sensor syncing technology that will locate your items within a space.