My designs are shaped by my fine arts training; a focus on composition, color and texture. I love creating designs and art for my friends, family and myself.

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About Nicole

From a young age I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I'd like to say I came a long way from drawing on the walls to going to school for my dream career...

In highschool I focused my engery into my course work and my fine arts training. When the recession hit in the midst of my schooling, I was hit with a choice: go into Printmaking and potentially not be able to have that as my career or to move to the city and major in something that would give me some more openings. I chose the latter.

Artist painting a green landscape Headshot of Nicole Francesca Dupuis Wireframing for a website

I majored in Business at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA, far away from the empty mills and business buildings of Norwich, CT. After I graduated, I worked in financial services for a year and decided it was time to focus my energy into a career I loved.

I am now a, Interactive Design masters candidate at Northeastern Univeristy, focusing on UX/UI. I am currently seeking new opportunities to learn and grow as not only a designer but as a person. I am seeking out internships and Co-Ops that I can not only learn from but also give an artistic and analytical perspective to challenging problems. If you like what you hear, please contact here.